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About Our preschool...

Our Mission

Our mission at Anchor Weekday Preschool is to provide quality child care in a Christian environment. We want kids to grow academically, use their imaginations through play, and discover how much God loves and cares for them.

Our Philosophy

1. Honor God
We strive to honor God in every aspect of our preschool. Each teacher’s goal is to honor God through interactions with their students and parents. Each teacher works to teach each child to be kind and respectful to all of their preschool friends.

2. Love Others
We want each child to show love to other people. We striveto create community in our classrooms and school that will facilitate a loving environment. A child who is loving towards others will not only succeed at Anchor Weekday Preschool but will also succeed in life as they grow up.

3. Walk in Truth

We regard the Bible as the truth and we teach our children to do the same. We teach our children Bible stories, characters in the Bible, and the character of God through those stories. When a child knows that God loves them, it helps them to act more loving toward the other people in their lives.

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